[BLFS Trac] #2629: GPL ghostscript-8.63 (updates AFPL, can replace ESPGS)

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Wed Nov 26 10:59:53 PST 2008

#2629: GPL ghostscript-8.63 (updates AFPL, can replace ESPGS)
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 This version works well, specifically 'make && make so && make install
 soinstall' - works fine with cups-1.3 (no idea about older cups).
 Therefore, we could drop ESPGS.

 This, or at least an 8.6x version, is needed by libspectre which is a
 dependency for okular in kde4.

 Patch in -patches to compile agaisnt system libjasper, needs 'rm -r
 jasper'.  It now uses system libraries (if found) automatically for the
 other included libs (zlib, libpng, jpeglib).

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