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#2540: Qt-4.4.3
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Comment (by ken at linuxfromscratch.org):

 At last I'm making a little progress in taming this!  First,
 should be obligatory if you plan to build kde4!  The included version of
 phonon is old.  Phonon-4.2.0 will happily overwrite it (unless you have
 package management tools that prevent this), but if like me you rebuild QT
 after building phonon, then kdebase-runtime falls apart.
 Doesn't make a lot of difference to the time or space requirement, but it
 is doing the right thing.

 In my opinion, most people will probably want to use the supplied version
 of webkit.

 Second is to get rid of the debug files.  Configure claims that 'release'
 is the default, and testing shows that is the case.  BUT, the install is
 littered with .debug versions of programs and libraries, and on my box
 (building docs, demos, examples) the time is 88,5 minutes and the space is
 3446M (826M for the install, 2620M for the build).

 Fedora uses
 With that, and still with docs, demos, examples, the time fell to 71,5
 minutes and the space to 1044M (235M installed, 809M build).  I think
 that's a result ;)  I'm now looking at the docs, examples, and demos.

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