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#2540: Qt-4.4.3
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Comment (by bdubbs at linuxfromscratch.org):

 Just as another data point, I installed qt-x11-commercial-
 src-4.5.0-tp1.tar.gz into /opt/qt-4.5.0 and it works flawlessly in
 parallel with qt-3.  I'm still running KDE-3.5 so I need it.  The qt4 and
 qt3 libraries don't conflict, and you can specify where to get the headers
 when installing, but you can't install them in the same place as qt3's
 includes--they do conflict.  The only other thing needed is to either
 specify a full path when running a program or use different PATH
 statements for different shell instances.

 I basically used the instructions for qt3, method 2.  One thing that's
 changed is that you don't need to specify system-zlib, etc or -plugin-
 imgfmt-png, etc any more as configure looks for them and uses them if

 ./configure -prefix /opt/qt-4.5.0 -sysconfdir /etc/qt \
             -plugin-sql-mysql -I/usr/include/mysql
 sudo make install

 worked great for me.  I did make the examples and demos because I needed
 them for work.  I'm doing some reasonably hard core Qt development and so
 far everything is working fine.

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