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#2596: New package, cmake-2.6.2
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 Cmake is a build dependency for kde4.

 To build it in the absence of an existing cmake, use ./bootstrap : at a
 minimum ./bootstrap --prefix=/usr.  That has two unfortunate side-effects:

 (i.) it puts man pages into /usr/man (our symlink solves that, so long as
 we still have it) and documentation in /usr/doc/cmake-2.6

 (ii.) it uses its own versions of curl, expat, zlib, xmlrpc-c.  I have no
 particular feelings about xmlrpc-c (it's a niche product, apparently only
 used by the 'cpack' program), but the other three really ought to be using
 the system versions.  Unfortunatley, cmake uses an all-or-nothing approach
 to system-libs, so xmlrpc-c has to be used if you want to use system zlib
 I've built xmlrpc-c-1.06.31 for this, using curl - ticket to follow.

 So, I'm now using
 ./bootstrap --prefix=/usr --system-libs --mandir=/share/man

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