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#2569: dhcpcd-4.0.4
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Changes (by thomas):

  * summary:  dhcpcd-3.2.3 => dhcpcd-4.0.4


 The 3.2.3 is a simple drop-in but it seems to be outdated since there is
 version 4.0.4.  IMHO the install command has to be modified a bit - maybe
 in this way:
 make LIBEXECDIR=/etc/dhcpcd DBDIR=/var/lib SYSCONFDIR=/etc/dhcpcd
 A simple 'make' would create a /libexec dir which I personally dislike.
 Specifying the LIBEXECDIR and SYSCONFDIR would place all of the configs
 and the hooks-subdir in /etc/dhcpcd. This is more clean, i think.

 Any thoughts?

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