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#2392: FOP 0.95
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Changes (by thomas):

  * summary:  FOP 0.94 => FOP 0.95


 Version increment to 0.95.

 Btw, I'd suggest to modify the install section a bit. It's about the usage
 of the ant targets which builds a binary distribution which we could
 better use that a copy of the whole build directory content:

 When we do not have "forrest" installed, we cannot create the docs (this
 is addressed by the first sed) and we need to remove a copy-command cause
 we do not have the docs:
 sed -i -e "s/all,javadocs,docs/all,javadocs/" \
            -e '\#${dist.bin.result.dir}/docs#,\#</copy>#d' build.xml
 Than we can use the dist target which does all of the previously used "ant
 && ant javadocs" but also sets up a directory which all binaries we need
 in it:
 ant dist
 Than, the install section is modified a bit from where we copy the
 binaries to the final location:
 install -v -d -m755 /opt/fop-0.95 &&
 pushd dist-bin/fop-0.95 &&
 cp -v -R * /opt/fop-0.95 &&

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