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#2453: KDE-4.X
 Reporter:  GodRocksYou  |        Owner:  rdaniels
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Comment (by rdaniels):

 Forgot to mention the known issues with the patch thus far.  To my
 knowledge, the build-time dependencies and build instructions are all
 good, although later there may need to be some shuffling between optional
 and recommended deps.  I have not yet looked into run-time dependencies,
 but I expect them to be similar to KDE3.

 An intro page to the desktop as a whole still needs to be written. This is
 why the patch creates an expty kde4-intro.xml file.  The include is just
 commented out so the book renders.

 Most of the tag properties I prefixed with kde4- to avoid conflicts with
 the KDE3 section.  This is ugly, but it works.

 Currently missing is any information about configuration of the individual
 packages, should it prove to be necessary.

 Last, if I couldn't find a homepage for a dependency not in the book, I
 linked to Debian.  This seems to be pretty common in the book, but anyone
 can find a page for those missing links, that'd be great.

 Here in a second I'll upload a text file with my notes on the dependencies
 of the the KDE4 dependencies.  I'm not going to say it's complete or
 perfect, but it should help anyone who hasn't tried to build KDE4 but
 wants to test these instructions.

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