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#2533: Berkeley DB-4.6.21
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Comment (by bdubbs at linuxfromscratch.org):

 I think we should upgrade OpenLDAP to the current release version - 2.4.9
 unless we have specific known problems with it.  I think that would fix
 the consistency problem with  the Berkeley DB-4.6 issue.

 The older 'stable' OpenLDAP version was released last November and 2.4.9
 is dated February.

 From the OpenLDAP FAQ:

 "Most users should use "release" (general use) versions.

 Users should start with the then current "release" version and, when
 upgrade is appropriate, upgrade to then current "release".

 It may not be necessary (or even desirable) to upgrade upon announcment of
 each new "release", but users should consider upgrading whenever the
 version they installed is older than the current "stable" release.
 Versions older than current "stable" release are known to be less

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