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#2499: OpenSSH-5.0p1
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Changes (by randy at linuxfromscratch.org):

  * summary:  OpenSSH-4.9p1 => OpenSSH-5.0p1


 Version increment to 5.0p1

 Also, I think the book's instructions should be revised in
 several places:

 1.The net-tools and sysstat packages should be moved to a separate
 section of dependencies (along with adding the JDK to this list
 as well) which point out that the tools in these packages are
 only used to gather entropy, and aren't used for anythin else.

 2. The word 'startup' should be changed to 'start up'.

 3. The sed for the Heimdal support can be removed, but a note
 in the command section needs to be added which shows that you
 must include Heimdal on the configure command by including the
 path to the installed krb5-config program.

 4. I'm not real keen with how we present to add an 'scp'
 command to the installation to run the test suite. I'd like it
 if we did a better check for an existing one, and instead of
 copying scp to /usr/bin, I'd like to symlink in /usr/bin which
 points to the scp in the build tree. Additionally, I think we
 should only provide text about this, and not actual commands.
 I feel it is too intrusive to be modifying the reader's setup
 (removing files) in /usr/bin just to run one of many tests.

 5. Though I didn't say anything at the time we added it, I
 really don't care for the xauth line in our configure command.
 Nowhere else do we add something to configure for an identified
 dependency that isn't installed. Additionally, I'd bet most
 first time readers don't even know what 'xauth' is or what how
 it gets installed. The command explanation section needs to be
 more clear about this. I'd like to see this configure switch
 removed from the default configure, and moved into just the
 'command explanations' section.

 6. The installed directories list needs to be updated to
 (at a minimum) include the /usr/lib/ssh directory.

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