Borked Link: Shadow-

Randy McMurchy randy at
Sat May 3 08:46:06 PDT 2008

[cc'ing to BLFS-Dev for higher visibility]

Baho Utot wrote these words on 05/03/08 10:18 CST:
> Beyond Linux® From Scratch - Version svn-20080504
> Download (HTTP):
> Not Found
> The requested URL /files/packages/svn/shadow- was not
> found on this server.

Before we release BLFS-6.3, we'll run the test-links script which
will identify *all* broken links in the book. Those that appear
broken and unfixable due to upstream removal of the versions we
specify will be changed to point to Anduin.

I'll try to get a timeline for the 6.3 release assembled and posted
this weekend for review.


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