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#2538: Python HTML documentation not necessary for help('module_name') feature
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Comment (by ag at linuxfromscratch.org):

 Thanks for the report.

 a. Html documentation can be generated by using pydoc also

 b. yes specific help about a module could be read by using docstrings and
 the html downloaded documentation is not strictly required.

 Though, to print help about a statement e.g, help('print') or
 help('pass'), it still requires the documentation to be available and to
 set the PYTHONDOCS variable.

 So, yes, its better to leave out the sentence "In order to use the help
 ('module_name') feature of the python interpreter, you must download (or
 create) the optional HTML documentation and install it."
 But the rest of the instructions about the documentation should stay and
 in my opinion to enhance it even more by adding information of how to use
 effectively the help system.

 I am inviting the operator of this ticket to add additional information to
 this section.

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