Optional packages and configure options that require them

David Jensen david567 at windstream.net
Wed Feb 27 09:42:23 PST 2008

Alexander E. Patrakov wrote:
> Randy McMurchy wrote:
>> Could you please make the graphics option an optional choice and
>> not the default. This is a major stray from all other packages.
> Additionally, Links is the only browser that works without X and has a 
> fully-working support for graphics (in w3m, graphics may disappear when 
> scrolling) and it seems to be unwise to hide this capability and remove it by 
> default.

If I understand this correctly, it is, for many, unusable in the 
console.  If it is usable as a 'text web browser' in graphics mode, then 
I believe Ag has it right.  It is confusing to find it in 'text web 
browsers', to me that implies console.  It could be moved.

I'm not using it, so if I'm off base, ignore the noise.

David Jensen

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