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#2435: PCRE-7.6
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Comment (by Ag.Hatzim):

 Glib can use the system pcre instead of its internal pcre.
 But in order to do that it needs both unicode related switches to be
 enabled during pcre configuration/installation:

 --enable-utf8 --enable-unicode-properties

 Another important thing to mention is that its possible for pcregrep
 to read compressed files (.gz and .bz2) by using zlib and bz2 libraries
 (both are present in a base LFS system therefore there is no need for
 additional dependencies).

 To add  this kind of support two configure switches needed:

 --enable-pcregrep-libz --enable-pcregrep-libbz2

 Another Note:
 Pcre now can be built using Cmake.

 And a last one.
 Pcre versions prior to 7.6 are vulnerable because of a buffer overflow
 problem when run in UTF-8 mode.

 Many distributions using the pcre library (glib, zsh, and Python at
 Of all of these three, glib and Python needed to upgraded to newer
 versions because of the vulnerability, and that's because both of them are
 using an internal (old) pcre.

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