[fmII] hdparm 8.1 released (Default branch)

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Sun Feb 17 13:24:15 PST 2008

This email is to inform you about the release of version '8.1' of 'hdparm'
through freshmeat.net. All URLs and other useful information can be found


The changes in this release are as follows:
A major code overhaul was made. Support for libata SATA/PATA drives
was significantly expanded. Much better compliance with the
SCSI-ATA-Translation specification was achieved. The -A, -W, and -M
flags can now be used without a parameter to query the current
setting. Several enhancements to the -I information were made. New
flags "--make-bad-sector", "--repair-sector", and "--read-sector"
were added. The "-N" flag was added to get/set max address/HPA. Many
other fixes and enhancements were made. 

Release focus:
5 - Major feature enhancements 

Project added:
Sun, Nov 22nd 1998 13:23 (9 years, 2 months ago)

Project description:
hdparm is a Linux shell utility for viewing and manipulating various
IDE drive and driver parameters. Most drives can benefit from
improved performance using a command similar to "hdparm -qm8 -qu1
-qc1 -qd1 /dev/hda".  

Trove categories:
[Development Status  ] 6 - Mature
[Environment         ] Console (Text Based)
[Intended Audience   ] System Administrators
[License             ] Freely Distributable, OSI Approved :: BSD License
[Operating System    ] POSIX :: Linux
[Programming Language] C
[Topic               ] System :: Hardware, Utilities 

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