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#2762: DHCP-4.1.0
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Comment(by ken@…):

 Meanwhile, 3.1.2 was released today.  The iproute2 patch is available, the
 other patch is already applied.  Works for me (I've been using 3.1.1 for a
 couple of months, just installed 3.1.2 and rebooted to confirm it is ok).

 If we were to move dhcp-4 releases (i.e. ipv6 partial support) to the
 future, 3.1.2 is current and not a million miles away from how dhcp-3.0
 was configured.  It defaults to /usr/man, which does not bother me since
 we have the symlink, but we could override that with
 echo 'ADMMANDIR = /usr/share/man8'     >>site.conf &&
 echo 'FFMANDIR = /usr/share/man/man5'  >>site.conf &&
 echo 'LIBMANDIR = /usr/share/man/man3' >>site.conf &&
 echo 'USRMANDIR = /usr/share/man/man1' >>site.conf &&

 Let's wait a few days - maybe someone here can spot the problem with
 4.1.0, or perhaps a distro will fix it.

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