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#2762: DHCP-4.1.0
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Comment(by ken@…):

 FWIW, I was able to build 4.0.0 by passing
 to configure (believed to be attributable to a recent glibc change to
 netinet/in.h).  Unfortunately, that doesn't help at all with 4.1.0.

 What does allow 4.1.0 to build is to pass --disable-dhcpv6.

 There is also an (unanswered) query on the dhcp-users list from November
 about whether that switch will still require a '-4' option in the scripts
 to specifiy ipv4.

 I'm having difficulty working-up enthusiasm for a version which starts to
 support ipv6 but only builds on our machines if that support is turned
 off.  Might be a kernel header change somewhere, or yet another glibc
 header change.

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