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#2065: Remove the "usb" group
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Comment(by alexander@…):

 The "usb" group is only mentioned indirectly on the "About Devices" page,
 through "devgid=14", and this is relevant only for VMware and QEMU. There
 is no rule that puts all raw USB devices into this group. In fact, the
 title is a bit misleading. What I meant was to make VMware and QEMU the
 only programs where access to USB devices is controlled through the "usb"
 group. Previously, there were no rules for scanners, and by default
 (without reading the "About Devices" page) they worked for non-root only
 due to the old (now removed) LFS rule that put all raw USB devices into
 the "usb" group.

 The comment about buffer overflow is obsolete. The only thing that remains
 to be done is to remove or replace the example with the scanner group on
 the "About Devices" page (btw, the mode is wrong there, as write access is
 required), as it is redundant. Or just mention that such rule already
 exists and is shown only for the purposes of demonstration.

 So, I'll test this tomorrow and probably close the bug.

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