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#2795: Charset bug in KDE 3.5.x
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 please take a look to https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=159795 . I
 found that bug report while i was looking for a solution of a charset
 issue I had on a 3.5.10-installation.  Fortunatly, this bug describes
 exactly what happened on my machine too (somewhat like trashing the german

 While this bug referes to 3.5.9, it is also valid for 3.5.10 (which I used
 and had the same issue).

 In the comments to that bug report, someone brought two patches (one for
 kdelibs and one for kdepim) - created by a developer Tobias König (tokoe).
 I applied them and recompiled this two packages. The problem disappeared.

 I prepared two patches which are appliable as we do it all the time
 (-Np1). It seems to be important to first apply the kdelibs-patch and
 recompiled kdelibs before you do the same on kdepim.

 Could someone verify this (trying to store umlauts in a imap resource and
 get them displayed later correctly again)?
 I'd vote to add this two patches to the book - what do you think?

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