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#2584: Apache httpd 2.2.11
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Comment(by randy@…):

 As far as the name goes it can go either way, and since it has
 always been just Apache, we may as well keep it like that. Note
 the text on the Apache web site:

 "The Apache HTTP Server Project is proud to announce the release of
 version 2.2.11 of the Apache HTTP Server ("Apache"). This version is
 principally a bugfix release."

 Note that they even reference it stand-alone as "Apache".
 Additionally, they refer to it as the "Apache HTTP Server",
 not Apache-httpd.

 Concerning the isapi-module, perhaps it would be best to simply
 put some text in the book that says don't use it as it is for
 Windows only.

 And last, typically we use an entity to refer to a BLFS version of
 software so that (in this case for example) when GCC is updated, the
 text in the book will automatically be updated as well.

 Always try to avoid hard-coding any type of version string as this
 becomes a maintainence trap.

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