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#2713: Gamin 0.1.10
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 Gamin is aperantly still mantained.
 To prove this is a actual release, the link is here:


 From the website:

  * Portability fixes:
       * configure fixes (Daniel Drake),
       * configure extension detection (Dodji Seketeli)
       * missing quotes in acinclude (Daichi Kawahata)
       * daemon build flags (Rémi Cardona)
       * drop glib dependency for libgamin (Rémi Cardona)
       * python bindings install (Rémi Cardona)
       * system inotify detection and use (Adrian Bunk)
  * Bug fixes:
       * parent recursing on missing watch (Ray Strode)
       * memory leak when releasing fses (Matthias Clasen)
  * Improvements:
       * API and ABI missing entry points (Ryan Underwood)
       * configure switches for just server or lib build (Rémi Cardona)

 And I am guessing that the glibc fix is applied to this release.

 Seems like a good canadate for 6.4.

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