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#2482: GNOME-2.24.2
 Reporter:  randy@…                     |       Owner:  dj@…                   
     Type:  task                        |      Status:  assigned               
 Priority:  normal                      |   Milestone:  6.4                    
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Comment(by dj@…):

 William, this is another good example of what I sent you the other day.
 The word "WHEN" capitalized like that speaks very directly (Parent role -
 passing blame).  Perhaps better wording would be "Is there currently a
 target date?"  The answer of course, is no.  I'd like to say that mid-
 January (10-20th) will see the first commits, but it has to be correct
 first.  Commits will be done only when it is correct and tested.

 If you (or anybody else) would like to help with this large task, please
 feel free to do so by following along with the changes mentioned above,
 merged with the 6.3 book's instructions.  Provide comments on anything
 that I might have missed or could do differently or better, but be sure to
 make a backup of your system first so that you can get back to a known
 good starting point in the event of error.

 Patches to the book's source, based on the above info are also very much
 appreciated, but please don't flood the Trac system with them if you elect
 to help in this manor.  In this particular case, a few large patches are
 better than 90 individual ones.

 I'd suggest to use both the alternate installation directory and a full PM
 to ease accounting for the installed files and build sizes.  Please log
 everything (and keep the logs for later review).  Pay special attention to
 the gnome-keyboard stuff since I have had issues with this.

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