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#2697: Imlib2-1.4.2 and BLFS-6.3.
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Comment(by ag@…):

 Replying to [comment:1 bdubbs@…]:
 > Just post the proposed wording, and we can get this into the errata very

 I think it's not matter of wording but it's a matter what is the best
 thing to do, so I really don't know, since even if we say to upgrade to
 1.4.1 or to 1.4.2  or apply the patch from gentoo, we'll end up with a
 vulnerable package.

 So we have four choices (in my mind), but all of them ugly (more or less):

 a) Ignore the issue

 b) Upgrade to the 1.4.2 to the development book with the applied patch and
 simply say to follow the instructions from the development version of the

 c) concatenate the two patches and then point to it (in errata) with a
 note to apply it (it might have side effects)

 d) (and a similar but more safe but even more uglier) roll a patch with
 all the changes to the source code since 1.4.0

 In my opinion a better option is to release a point release with all the
 changes (the current and the one from #2687), but this needs conversation
 first, but if I had to choose by those four  it would be the second one.

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