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#2453: KDE-4.X
 Reporter:  GodRocksYou  |       Owner:  rdaniels
     Type:  enhancement  |      Status:  assigned
 Priority:  normal       |   Milestone:  future  
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Comment(by ken@…):

 ping!  Any developments in this ?  As a mere mortal, I don't find
 unrendered patches for the book readable, and things have moved on.  The
 current consensus seems to be that we need to have both kde3 and kde4 at
 the moment, and I've got a one-liner for kdelibs which I hope will make it
 use .kde4 or whatever to save trashing kde3 apps.

 personally, I'm struggling to build kdebindings, I seem to have problems
 around 'sip' but it might just be that I'm missing a dependency
 (unfortunately, cmake dependencies are somewhat hard to follow at the
 moment, this might just be another "everybody must have foo" thing like
 I've seen before in kde-4.1).

 As to the documented dependencies, I have a different view of cmake (there
 is a separate ticket for that), and I will be extremely disappointed if
 ndiswrapper gets into the book - it's almost guaranteed to give problems
 with kernel upgrades.

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