r7658 - in trunk/BOOK: . basicnet/connect introduction/welcome

Thomas Trepl thomas at equinox.homelinux.org
Mon Dec 22 09:11:23 PST 2008

Am Montag, 22. Dezember 2008 16:47:39 schrieb Randy McMurchy:
> Thomas Trepl wrote:
> >>> -<screen><userinput>make</userinput></screen>
> >>> +<screen><userinput>make PREFIX= \
> >>> +         LIBEXECDIR=/lib/dhcpcd \
> >>> +         DBDIR=/var/lib \
> >>> +         SYSCONFDIR=/etc/dhcpcd install</userinput></screen>
> Just out of curiosity, why are we using /lib instead of /usr/lib?
A nfs mounted /usr would not work. Should I change it to /usr ? I than could 
add a note about using / instead of /usr as prefix when having a 
nfs-mounted /usr? 

> Additionally, if there really is a /lib/dhcpcd directory, it
> should be listed in the installed directories (along with the
> /etc/dhcpcd dir as well).
Oops, yes, I'll add them to the document.  It is as the author of the package 
has written in the README. But hmm, wait a minute - I did a mistake here: The 
author wrote:
"... You can change the default dir with these knobs.
For example, to satisfy FHS compliance you would do this:-
DBDIR=/var/lib/dhcpcd ..."
So the DBDIR is not correct and that sed is mispositioned.

I think I have commited the change to fast - some details are not correct. 
I'll fix them and come up with the fixed version here again.


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