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#2690: udftools-1.0.0b3 no longer builds
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 Some of this is gcc-4.3, some of it might even be the kernel header
 changes in 2.6.23.

 Fedora has a metric shed load of changes to this.  I tried cherry picking
 their changes to cdrwtool.c, and then pktsetup.c, but that just let it die
 in wrudf.c with
 wrudf.c: In function ‘initialise’:
 wrudf.c:248: error: lvalue required as left operand of assignment
 make[1]: *** [wrudf.o] Error 1

 I tried using parts of their warningfixes2.patch which makes some changes
 to wrudf.c, but the first hunk in that file doesn't apply (probably
 depends on another of their patches), and with that hunk dropped the rest
 of the patch makes no change to that error.

 Upstream appears to be defunct.  I don't have any interest in this
 package, so unless someone cares to fix it I think we should drop it.

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