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#2595: firefox-3.0.5 / xulrunner-
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Comment(by ken@…):

 Version increment to 3.0.5, the usual security fixes:
 Fixed in Firefox 3.0.5
 MFSA 2008-69 XSS vulnerabilities in SessionStore
 MFSA 2008-68 XSS and JavaScript privilege escalation
 MFSA 2008-67 Escaped null characters ignored by CSS parser
 MFSA 2008-66 Errors parsing URLs with leading whitespace and control
 MFSA 2008-65 Cross-domain data theft via script redirect error message
 MFSA 2008-64 XMLHttpRequest 302 response disclosure
 MFSA 2008-63 User tracking via XUL persist attribute
 MFSA 2008-60 Crashes with evidence of memory corruption

 Again, there is no separate xulrunner, but I see that xulrunner-
 did eventually get released.  Confirmed that the internal version of
 xulrunner is set to (config/autoconf.mk)

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