MesaLib Problems

Alvaro Morais alvarommorais at
Sun Dec 14 16:54:26 PST 2008

Ken Moffat wrote:
> On Mon, Dec 15, 2008 at 12:03:31AM +0000, none wrote:
>> Hey!
>> I'm having some problems compiling MesaLib
>> I'm making a multi-lib box, and I already installed X libs both 64 and 
>> 32 compilations.
>  Totally the wrong list!  This list is for discussion about
> blfs-book, but even blfs-support is not really appropriate (at least
> for the moment).
>  cblfs-support is probably a better place to ask, even though you
> seem to be using the old versions in BLFS-6.3.  In particular, you
> are using USE_ARCH so I think it is reasonable to assume you have
> read the clfs book.
>  I'm not into debugging other people's scripts (debugging my own is
> hard enough ;) but you aren't testing for errors.  BLFS has '&&' -
> you just run through into the next command after 'make'.
>  On the other hand, using a package manager (paco) will reduce the
> number of people who might be able to help you.
>  Having said that, multilib continues to be a PITA.  There was some
> discussion on cblfs-support this weekend.
Yes, I have noticed that I've sent to the wrong list right after sending 
the email. Big blunder for my first ask for help. :(

I've posted the script only to show that I've properly installed(I 
think) the X libs.

Thanks for the attention.

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