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#2681: ffmpeg
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Comment(by ken@…):

 That seems to work for me, uploaded to
 git-20080908.tar.bz2] - tested using ffplay on .wmv and .ogg (theora
 video, and plain ogg audio) files.

 I've rebuilt everything which might be using it - xine-lib-1.1.15 (now
 doesn't need the upstream patch for the changed api), transcode-1.0.6 (can
 now drop a couple of seds I was carrying for changes after r 15261, still
 needs one for an old change), and xine-ui, gst-plugins-base, gst-ffmpeg,
 gnash, phonon, kdebase-runtime, kdemultimedia. That's about as much
 testing as I can do.

 Some comments on other things in this page of the current book:

 Space - if I build with shared and static libs, but with hardly any of the
 listed dependencies, I use 126M.  I imagine it might be somewhat larger
 than the book's 131M if I had all the optional deps.

 The sed to alter /usr/man is no longer needed.

 The switch --enable-pp is no longer recognized, needs to be --enable-

 I find the reference to doc/optimization.txt out of place - it's nothing
 to do with the usual "use some loony CFLAGS" optimizations that people
 try, it's for ffmpeg hackers who want to change the code, e.g. by
 replacing something with new SIMD assembler instructions.

 I'm also not comfortable with --disable-ffplay being on the command line,
 it's only needed if you don't have xorg.

 And, as you will expect, I advocate documenting --disable-static among the
 optional switches.

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