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#2678: New package: lftp
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 Home page: http://lftp.yar.ru/

 Package type: command-line FTP client

 Rationale for inclusion: The book already includes a command-line FTP
 client, NCFTP. However, it is deficient in some ways:

  * NCFTP doesn't use readline and thus doesn't react correctly to line-
 editing keys like Home and End (Ctrl+A and Ctrl+E do work, though). lftp
 uses Readline and thus doesn't have this problem.

  * NCFTP doesn't support RFC2640 and thus doesn't allow for standards-
 compliant transfer of files with names containing non-ASCII characters.
 Moreover, the book doesn't contain such command-line FTP client at all.
 lftp fills this hole and is already mentioned on the "Locale Related
 Issues" page.

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