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#2391: Convenience /etc/X11 symlinks point the other way round
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Comment (by dj at linuxfromscratch.org):

 Here are the instructions that will go into the book.  Now, just need some
 text to explain it...

 install -v -m755 -d \
     /etc/X11/{app-defaults,fs,twm,xdm,xinit,xkb,xsm} &&

 install -v -m755 -d $XORG_PREFIX/lib/X11 &&

 for link in \
     ln -sv $link $XORG_PREFIX/lib/X11

 Cards, Options, and Xcms.txt were left alone, for two reasons.  First,
 they are files and can't be symlinked before they are installed, and
 second they should probably be left as is because they were there only
 from the single-tree build and look as if they should be in share/.
 Following on Alexander's comment above, the $XORG_PREFIX/share/X11/xedit
 directory contains only lisp routines, it's not likely that they belong in
 /etc/X11 either.  I believe that they should remain in share.  Additional

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