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#2518: Xorg-7.2 libXfont
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 So, there are three solutions to make sure our libXfont stays compatible
 with freetype:

 1. Update to libXfont-1.3.x where the code that uses these macros has been

 2. Patch libXfont-1.2.x so that it falls back to defining ft_isdigit when
 it's not defined by freetype. The code is already partially there, it's
 just conditional on a really old freetype version. We just need to make it
 unconditional on freetype version.

 3. Patch freetype-2.3.5 to put the ft_* macros back in ftstdlib.h. This is
 probably the right thing to do since those macros were part of the
 freetype API and were removed without notice. But I don't know if we want
 to differ from upstream in that regard.

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