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#2518: Xorg-7.2 libXfont
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 This isn't an actual issue. I had problems compiling the
 bdftopcf program in XorgApps because what turns out to be an
 issue with libXfont. On Christmas Day last year, DJ removed
 parts of the Wiki that deals with the exact issue I see.

 ***** NOTE: the system having this issue does not have
 BLFS-6.2 packages installed, nor is it even close to an
 LFS-6.2 system. It is a recently built system using LFS SVN
 and updated BLFS packages including FreeType and Fontconfig.

 Anyway, the relevant text removed from the Wiki is this:

 My Questions:

 1. I'm wondering what is the root reason why this issue exists?
 (package versions probably?) I did not try to search the mail
 archives for this issue.

 2. Why was that text removed from the Wiki? If it wasn't
 relevant to current BLFS-6.2, then we probably should leave
 stuff like that, but add a description or something that it
 only happens in XYZ configuration (or whatever).

 3. We should use the comment facility when changes such as this
 are made to the Wiki so that you don't have to search mail
 archives or something else to find out why the change was made.

 Please don't hesitate to close this ticket. I marked it for 6.3
 simply so there may be a reply and it stays in queue.

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