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#2391: Convenience /etc/X11 symlinks point the other way round
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Comment (by dj at linuxfromscratch.org):

 For the FHS concern, I believe, from the discussion above, that the best
 solution is to populate the /etc/X11 directory and create symlinks in
 $XORG_PREFIX/share/X11, prior to installation.  This to be done on the
 ''Setting up the Xorg Build Environment'' page.  There is one caveat and
 that was libdrm or Mesa IIRC, the error was fatal to make.  I'm preparing
 a 6.3 jhALFS run now to test the instructions.  The alternative is to add
 a sed to each package and run automake.  Perhaps that can be accomplished
 by running a sed on the makefile after configure, but I will leave
 exploration of that route that for Xorg-7.3/7.4.

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