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#2514: Upstream bugs in xine-lib
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 This is a continuation of #2476. Three upstream xine-lib bugs were
 mentioned there:

 1) green artifacts on H.264 videos with the internal ffmpeg (fixed in the
 book by switching to the external ffmpeg, but the fact that the external
 ffmpeg has to be compiled with --enable-pp --enable-gpl is mentioned

 2) Broken (and crashing xfmedia, which is not in the book) OpenGL output
 as a reason to --disable-opengl: xfmedia still crashes. Gxine doesn't
 crash, but produces incorrect output when using unaccelerated OpenGL (and
 defaults to this broken output configuration in qemu or other emulators--
 you can probably reproduce this on a real machine by moving /usr/lib/dri
 out of the way and restarting X). The distortion with the same testcase
 file looks like overall greenish background, a ghost image of the blade
 shifted to the right from the real one, and purple artifacts on the right.
 Also, scaling is incorrect. The xshm output plugin produces the correct
 image. So, the --disable-opengl swtich is still a good idea. Maybe it also
 makes sense to disable other uncommon outputs such as a framebuffer.

 3) Incorrect stack alignment causing the external ffmpeg to think that it
 has been miscompiled: I cannot reproduce this, and assume that it has been
 fixed upstream, so there is no need to pass --disable-optimizations as of
 xine-lib 1.1.12.

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