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#2476: possible bugs in xine-lib-
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Changes (by bdubbs at linuxfromscratch.org):

  * priority:  normal => low
  * summary:  possible bugs in xine-lib- => possible bugs in xine-

Old description:

> Version upgrade containing several security fixes, and many other
> bugfixes.

New description:

 Current is xine-lib-1.1.12

 "This release contains a security fix (unchecked array index,
 CVE-2008-1686). There are also a few bug fixes (including the
 regressions), a new version of the pulseaudio output plugin, and open-
 source support for RealAudio “cook”."


 The problem may be in gxine or in the gnome-vfs dependent parts.  I do not
 have GNOME_VFS installed and the log says those parts are disabled.

 When I run xine, I get:

 "There is no demuxer plugin available to handle 'activated_blade_lo.mov'.
 Usually this means that the file format was not recognized."

 I have a lot of files in /usr/lib/xine/plugins/1.20/ like
 xineplug_dmx_*.so but nothing has a 264 in the filename.  What should I be
 looking for?

 I have not yet tried 1.1.12.

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