init-ng, cmake

Thomas Trepl thomas at
Wed Apr 2 23:01:03 PDT 2008

Am Donnerstag, 3. April 2008 05:25:01 schrieb J. Greenlees:
> I decided that I wanted to take a look at init-ng while doing my current
> test build with the latest svn version of the book.
> once the build is done I'll be able to decide if it is worth using and
> adding a hint for.
> But, in looking at it, and the dependencies, init-ng requires cmake to
> build. According to the cmake site, KDE requires cmake to build. While
> KDE is definately BLFS not LFS, I couldn't find where cmake is mentioned
> at all in BLFS.
cmake is a requirement for KDE4 but not KDE3 which is in the book. KDE4 will 
come later.

> init-ng, supposed to be an asynchronous initialization, that is faster
> than the sysv style init currently used in the book. The docs indicate
> that it can convert the sysv init scripts, and that runing it's make
> after installing a new app with create the init script for the app.
> [ boy, will these claims be fun to test ;) ]
> Jaqui


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