init-ng, cmake

J. Greenlees lists at
Wed Apr 2 20:25:01 PDT 2008

I decided that I wanted to take a look at init-ng while doing my current
test build with the latest svn version of the book.
once the build is done I'll be able to decide if it is worth using and
adding a hint for.

But, in looking at it, and the dependencies, init-ng requires cmake to
build. According to the cmake site, KDE requires cmake to build. While
KDE is definately BLFS not LFS, I couldn't find where cmake is mentioned
at all in BLFS.

init-ng, supposed to be an asynchronous initialization, that is faster
than the sysv style init currently used in the book. The docs indicate
that it can convert the sysv init scripts, and that runing it's make
after installing a new app with create the init script for the app.
[ boy, will these claims be fun to test ;) ]


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