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Randy McMurchy randy at linuxfromscratch.org
Tue Apr 1 14:21:24 PDT 2008

Thomas Trepl wrote these words on 04/01/08 15:41 CST:

> They are welcome!


>>>      <para>To have raw USB devices set up properly, add the following
>>> -    <application>udev</application> rule and add any users
>>> -    that need to access raw USB devices to the "usb" group.</para>
>> Instead of "usb", it should be wrapped (without quotes) in a
>> <systemitem> tag. Grep the book sources for the exact syntax.
> Yes, in this case I did remove that "usb" part and inserted it again at 
> another location (with updating to the systemitem-tag)

I did not see that in your commit.

> Btw, i'd like to use that mail to ask how you would like to see the editing. 
> There are for sure much more such missing blank lines an so in the book.

Actually, I would bet that you won't find too many. Some time ago,
Manuel went through the entire book indenting stuff and adding
blank lines (how he did that I'll never know). Anyway, I don't
think there's been that many changes to it removing blank lines.

> Should we do such kind of "redesign" while editing a source? I ask this 
> because when doing developement/changes in application source codes, I use to 
> modify as less as possible - not even fix a typo (in a comment).  This may 
> not be the way we want it here, isn't it?

My take is that if it isn't right, fix it. If you notice something
wrong in the XML (when you're already editing the file, don't go
out of your way looking for stuff), then fix it.


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