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#2443: a2ps-4.14
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Comment (by TheOldFellow):

 I'm currently testing this new version.  One thing I've found is that the
 explanation we give about --medium, needs a bit more:

 --with-medium=letter: This switch changes the default paper format of A4
 to letter. It can either be given here or set in /etc/a2ps/a2ps-site.cfg
 after installation.  The default is A4, but there are several other
 options, in particular: A4dj or letterdj are a good settings for HP
 Deskjet and other printers that need wider paper-handling margins. See
 /etc/a2ps/a2ps.cfg after installation.

 I agree with Randy that there are additional make check failures, but I
 can't see any difference in the printer output.  I'm inclined to insert a
 warning in the book, and move on.

 Looking into the localstatedir issue now.

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