r7113 - trunk/BOOK/postlfs/security

randy at linuxfromscratch.org randy at linuxfromscratch.org
Tue Oct 16 04:29:13 PDT 2007

Author: randy
Date: 2007-10-16 05:29:13 -0600 (Tue, 16 Oct 2007)
New Revision: 7113

Fixed a typo in the MIT Kerberos instructions, thanks to Chris Staub for pointing it out

Modified: trunk/BOOK/postlfs/security/mitkrb.xml
--- trunk/BOOK/postlfs/security/mitkrb.xml	2007-10-16 11:20:15 UTC (rev 7112)
+++ trunk/BOOK/postlfs/security/mitkrb.xml	2007-10-16 11:29:13 UTC (rev 7113)
@@ -138,11 +138,11 @@
       <para><command>login.krb5</command> does not support
       <application>Shadow</application> passwords. As a result, when the
       Kerberos server is unavailable, the default fall through to
-      <filename>/etc/password</filename> will not work because
+      <filename>/etc/passwd</filename> will not work because
       the passwords have been moved to <filename>/etc/shadow</filename> during
       the LFS build process.  Entering the following
       commands without moving the passwords back to
-      <filename>/etc/password</filename> could prevent any logins.</para>
+      <filename>/etc/passwd</filename> could prevent any logins.</para>
     <para>After considering (and understanding) the above warning, the

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