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#2404: Updates to installled programs list
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 1. Heimdal installs "truncate_log", not "truncate-log".

 2. kdeutils has "kdessh", "klaptop_acpi_helper", "klaptop_check", and
 "kwikdisk". kdessh requires OpenSSH, but that appears to only be a runtime
 requirement - even if I don't have ssh installed, kdessh will still be
 built and installed - it just won't work. "kwikdisk" is apparently
 something that sits in the system tray and provides info about disk usage
 and seems to do mounting as well, but I can't find any info on it as it's
 "Help" in the KDE manual is really just a link to info about "KDiskfree".

 3. kdelibs installs "start_kdeinit".

 4. kdebase installs "kcminit_startup", and "kinfocenter" is actually a
 symlink to "kcontrol".

 5. libgsf installs "gsf" and "gsf-vba-dump". I don't know what "gsf-vba-
 dump" does, but the manpage for "gsf" says it's an "archiving utility
 using the G Structured File library".

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