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#2403: Correction to Heimdal instructions
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 In the first block of commands right after the compilation, there are a
 number of commands to rename various headers and static libs...

 mv -v /usr/include/fnmatch.h /usr/include/fnmatch.h.glibc &&
 mv -v /usr/include/glob.h    /usr/include/glob.h.glibc &&

 mv -v /usr/include/ss/ss.h   /usr/include/ss/ss.h.e2fsprogs &&
 mv -v /usr/lib/libss.a       /usr/lib/libss.a.e2fsprogs &&
 mv -v /usr/lib/libss.so      /usr/lib/libss.so.e2fsprogs &&
 if [ -f /usr/lib/libss.la ]; then
     mv -v /usr/lib/libss.la  /usr/lib/libss.la.e2fsprogs

 This does not work because "done" should actually be "fi".

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