[BLFS Trac] #2399: Configuring for Adding Users - /etc/default/useradd already exists

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#2399: Configuring for Adding Users - /etc/default/useradd already exists
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 The "Configuring for Adding Users" page says to create
 /etc/default/useradd, but this is already created by the installation of
 shadow, and further modified in LFS, and /bin/bash is already specified as
 the default shell. The text there could potentially be trimmed down to
 something like:

 [1st paragraph describing /etc/default/useradd could be kept as is]
 /etc/default/useradd is installed by Shadow and customized in LFS to suit
 our needs. For further customization, type "useradd -D [useradd option]"
 to change the default settings."

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