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#2354: New package: crossover office
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 package: crossover office

 url: http://www.codeweavers.com

 category: x/windows

 proposed BLFS category: chapter 26 - X libraries (This is my best guess,
 I'll leave the actual place this goes in up to the editor assigned to this

 version: 6.0.1

 download: http://media.codeweavers.com/pub/crossover/source/crossover-

 required dependencies: xorg

 description: A port of the Windows API to Linux, allowing Linux desktops
 to run native Windows applications. This is a commercial version of Wine.
 (The sources here is the Wine code used by the CrossOver Office product.)

     cd freetype
     ./configure --prefix=/usr
     make install

     cd ../wine
     ./configure --prefix=/opt/cxo-6.0.1
     make install

     ln -sv /opt/cxo-6.0.1/bin/wineloader /usr/bin/cxo

 To run a Windows application (e.g. regedit):
     cxo regedit

 NOTE: other dependencies are needed for additional features (e.g. OSS or
 ALSA for sound; MesaGL when building with xorg 7.x for OpenGL/Direct3D
 support). I haven't yet identified all the non-essential dependencies.

 NOTE: I have successfully built Wine and ran Windows applications using
 xorg 6.9.0.

 NOTE: Using TWM or another Window Manager that uses the mouse over to
 change the focus behaviour will cause issues with Wine focusing.

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