r6690 - trunk/BOOK/general/prog

randy at linuxfromscratch.org randy at linuxfromscratch.org
Sat Mar 24 10:27:29 PDT 2007

Author: randy
Date: 2007-03-24 11:27:29 -0600 (Sat, 24 Mar 2007)
New Revision: 6690

Minor text changes and a change from a cp/chmod command to an install command in the JDK instructions

Modified: trunk/BOOK/general/prog/jdk.xml
--- trunk/BOOK/general/prog/jdk.xml	2007-03-24 16:24:26 UTC (rev 6689)
+++ trunk/BOOK/general/prog/jdk.xml	2007-03-24 17:27:29 UTC (rev 6690)
@@ -65,7 +65,8 @@
     (you'll need to click and agree to the <quote>Sun Microsystems, Inc.
     Binary Code License Agreement</quote>). To build from the source, you will
     also need to download the additional files and patches to complete the
-    source build as detailed below.</para>
+    source build as detailed below. Note that in some countries you cannot
+    download the source code.</para>
     <bridgehead renderas="sect3">Precompiled Package Information</bridgehead>
     <itemizedlist spacing="compact">
@@ -204,9 +205,8 @@
     <para>Install the precompiled <application>JDK</application> with the
     following commands:</para>
-<screen><userinput>cp jdk-&jdk-bin-string;-linux-i?86.bin jdk-mod.bin &&
+<screen><userinput>install -m755 jdk-&jdk-bin-string;-linux-i?86.bin jdk-mod.bin &&
 sed -i "s:^PATH=.*::" jdk-mod.bin &&
-chmod -v +x jdk-mod.bin &&
 ./jdk-mod.bin &&
 rm jdk-mod.bin</userinput></screen>
@@ -390,6 +390,12 @@
 <screen role="root"><userinput>ln -v -nsf jdk-&jdk-src-version; /opt/jdk/jdk</userinput></screen>
+    <para>The information below assumes your system is set up using the
+    instructions found in
+    <quote><xref linkend="postlfs-config-profile"/></quote>. You may need to
+    extract the relevant information below and incorporate it into your
+    system's startup files if your system is set up differently.</para>
     <para>Add the following <filename>jdk.sh</filename> shell startup file to
     the <filename>/etc/profile.d</filename> directory with the following
     commands as the <systemitem class="username">root</systemitem> user:</para>

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