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#2308: Horrible situation with Tripwire
 Reporter:  Spinal   |       Owner:  blfs-book at linuxfromscratch.org
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 Priority:  highest  |   Milestone:  6.2.1                         
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 Hello, happy (B)LFS users! :-)

 As far as I'm installing a plenty of third-party packages on my LFS-6.2
 box, I've got a need to control my filesystem integrity for security

 So I've installed tripwire package.
 There are bunch of fixes corresponding part of the book should be applied

 1) Instructions in the book are not correct.
                              AN EXAMPLE:
 tripwire --update -twrfile \
                         SHOULD BE CHANGED TO:
 tripwire --update --twrfile \

 2) http://home.iprimus.com.au/glombowski/blfs/twpol-lfs.txt  IS DAMN OUT
 I could manage to update it. Or even better to make our own twpol-blfs.txt
 for example.

 3) What do I come to following the BLFS-instructions?
 tripwire --update --twrfile bla-bla-bla.twr
 Entering vim with report. Ok I want to approve all changes made to
 filesystem -> I just type :x<Enter>
 And what I get next? This error message appears:

 No protocol specified
 Interactive Update failed.
 ### Error: Report file could not be parsed.  Report may be corrupt.
 ### Exiting...

 And of course the tripwire integrity database is not updated.

 I've reinstalled tripwire, checked my config files, but nothing helped.
 Any ideas?
 Ah, my tripwire-configuration is in attachment for your use. Maybe there
 is another opensource integrity-checking tool we should use in BLFS?

 Best regardz from Spinal

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