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#2072: Mutt 1.5.15
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Comment (by Ag.Hatzim):

 New development release 1.5.16.

 This is primarily a bug fix release with only a couple of new features,
 most nottably the "next-unread-mailbox" function.

  Note: There is no binding for this function by default (since there is no
 other key left, comma is the only one that maybe used for that matter).
 Actually that was committed at first, but this was reverted in  r5149
 after reactions from users who use the comma as a convenient key for
 macros. It happens to agree with this since I am using comma for 6 macros.
 Anyway "bind index ,n   next-unread-mailbox" it looks a sensible binding.

 Also  the '%s' in $folder_format changed and it is now similar to '%c' in
 $hdr_format (%4s looks good here).

 On another matter.
 mutt- released. It's just plus backported fixes for
 CVE-2007-2683 (gecos overflow) and CVE-2007-1558 (APOP MD5 collision
 attack). Users who still uses the 1.4* branch, may need to update their

 And lastly a qoute from Brendan.

 "Looking at the number of bugs marked as blockers for 1.6*, I think we're
 not quite ready to announce release candidates yet. But the development
 focus from now on is to close those bugs and get 1.6 out the door."

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