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#2072: Mutt 1.5.13
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Comment (by Ag.Hatzim):

 I forgot to mention that is a new functionality in 1.5.15, designed to
 help attaching multiple files in a single message (by using a wildcard),
 from command line and scripts.


 Previous behavior:

 mutt -s "some subject" -a attachment1 -a attachment2 to at someadress.com
 < /dev/null

 Current behavior:

 mutt -s "some subject" -a *myattachments -- to at someadress.com </dev/null




 the "--" separator is being used to treat the remaining argument as an

 By the way.
 The 1.6 release will happen somewhere into summer.

 Given the fact that there is no package freeze for LFS yet, and so for
 BLFS, I believe that we'll catch the next release of the book.

 The users however are encouraged to upgrade to help testing.

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