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liliana.perossa at wrote these words on 01/30/07 10:02 CST:

> Rude? Maybe (my fault), but this is how you talk most of the time with people... 

>Or, this is how you perceive things. Does it really matter? Have
>I sworn at you? If you say this is how I talk to people in this
>community (swearing), then you sir, are dead wrong.

> Do you remember your first comment to the original bug report?
> I think you don't (not sure, I'm not you) but I do;

>Yes, I believe I do. And I won't look at it (but I did look at
>the new XFCE instructions, to see if my *original* statement was
>accurate), to see exactly what I said, but, I remember mentioning
>that it would be improper to include something about Desktop File
>Utils on the XFCE page as it isn't even listed as a dependency.

>It appears my original comment was accurate. What am I missing here?

>Please, don't bother responding, as I am done with this thread due
>to its unproductive nature.


I'll reply the same.

First, to the community: accept my apologies in case you perceived rudeness.

It could be that I perceived some words in a wrong way (in case sorry for that),
but I read only and I don't see faces nor hear voices so I don't know if one thing
that seems "rude" or what is really so... (got no proves).

At the time I opened the bug I hadn't time to track it down deeply but in the passed
days it has evolved leading to XDG* discussions and changing some XFce instrs.
I confirmed yesterday (not sure) Dan some behaviours changing instrs or XDG*.
I mentioned originally Desktop File Utils because in that page there are some
suggestions for Gnome and Kde, unmodifying XFce instrs. there was a mcs-manager
segfault (or at least I had this) which literally told to export /etc/xdg in XDG*; right,
modifying XFce instrs. (I did this way some months ago) it's unnecessary to modify

Got nothing else to say.

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