Reply: RI: Re: [BLFS Trac] #2172: XDG Base Directory Issues

Randy McMurchy randy at
Tue Jan 30 07:39:55 PST 2007

liliana.perossa at wrote these words on 01/30/07 09:25 CST:

> I mean that a stupid f****** thank you could be expected since it has led to
> an improvement of the book.


Occasionally, there is such a communication gap with international
projects on the Internet. What an uncalled for remark. Perhaps we
can start over, Luca, so you can calm your nerves a bit.

First off, thanks for you contributions to the support of the book.
Secondly, if someone neglected to provide a "thank you", it wasn't
intentional, it happens all the time (hence my remark of going back
through and seeing if others were overlooked). Third, chill out dude,
life is too short to start jumping up and down, swearing and such.


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